The ‘Clap Hanger’ is a prestigious award made each year at the Victorian Mosquito State Titles to someone who has stood out in some way – usually by doing something they would rather not have done (at least while someone was there to see)!

Year Awarded to Notable Achievement
2015 Michael Anthony (Yellow Fever) Port tack reaching suicide run.
2014 Trevor Armstrong (One More Toy) Failed tactical sailing at finishing line.
2013 Tim Shepperd (Karma Kat) OCS, went back and re-started, worked his way back through the fleet to 5th then missed the shorten course flag and ended up with a DNF!
2012 Peter Lyons (The Unsent Letter) Capsized during light wind race. In case anyone missed it, capsized again in the same race while crossing the finishing line in front of the clubhouse.
2011 Matt Stone (Unko) Capsized between the two races on Monday morning next to the start boat, six minutes before the start in virtually zero wind.
2010 Cameron Warren-Smith Abandoned ship (and skipper) after cartwheel to retrieve hat and sunglasses.
2009 Simon Clavin T-Boning a fishing boat (Selected by popular choice from a large field of nominations).
2008 Colin McEwan (Now What?) Got the traveller and mainsheet confused resulting in a capsize.
2007 Peter Nikitin (Bee Alert) Hit 3 marks in one race then had 2 consecutive OCS results.
2006 Colin McEwan (XTC) Several capsizes involving his mainsheet being tangled around various things but clinched by pumping up his beach trolley tyres so that one exploded in the sun.
2005 Peter Cobden & Family (Try Again) Apart from winning this 3 years running the main item was breaking the “family jewells” (mast diamonds).
2004 Peter Cobden & Family (First Try) Forgetting stuff (Tent poles, sails, sailing gear etc.)
2003 Peter Cobden & Judith Henschke-Reid (First Try) Heavy weather technique.
2002 Gary Maskiell (Perfect Score) Trapping the mark that he was specifically instructed to avoid between his hulls.
2001 Ross Bennett (No Turbulence) Dress sense (or lack of!).
1998 Greg Plum (Frequent Flyer) Went to the wrong venue.
1997 Keith Prest (Prestissimo)  
1996 Greg Plum (Salty Dog)  
1995 S. Bradford (No Laughing Matter)  
1994 Jason Van Ree (Sir Psycho)