If you are looking for a new set of foam-sandwich Mosquito hulls or a beamed-up platform talk to Philip Warren-Smith (03 9898 6107 after 9pm) or Chris Trewern (0409 171 155) to see what options are currently available to you.

New Mosquito costing and sourcing information.

Being a one-design, not limited to a single builder, there is more than one way to obtain a new Mosquito. Every option is available from building the whole thing yourself starting with sheets of plywood or foam, right up to buying a new foam sandwich set of hulls and getting a rigger to set them up ready to race.


The figures on this page are mostly guestimates – especially those in red. Please let me know if you can suggest more accurate figures.

Components, costs, where to buy

Cat rigged boat complete

Item Approximate cost Supplier
VMCA membership $25 VMCA
Plans and sail number $85 VMCA
Building restrictions Free NMCC (click here)
Home built hulls $1500 to …  
Professionaly built hulls $9000-$12000  
Mast section ~$380 VMCA
Mast fittings, spreaders etc: $350 AHPC
Rigging wire $150 Chandlery
Trampoline $250 Any sailmaker
Mainsail and battens $1800 Goodall, Irwin
Ropes $100
Beams $80 VMCA or Comalco
Rudder stocks $180 AHPC
Tiller extension, U/J and bar $45 Comalco
Rudders $620 JK Fibreglass
Centreboards $750 JK Fibreglass
Mainsheet $300
Other fittings $300

Extras for sloop rig

Item Approximate cost Supplier
Jib $400 Goodall or Irwin Sails
Ropes $100
Ratchet blocks/cleats $400
Other fittings $100

Other pieces

Item Approximate cost Supplier
Launching wheels $100-$400 AHPC
Trailer $200-$3000 Your local club!
Spinnaker and equipment $1000-$1800 See the spinnaker pages



VMCA and NMCC Philip Warren-Smith 03 9898 6107 (after 9pm)
Hulls Philip Warren-Smith 03 9898 6107 (after 9pm)
Hulls Chris Trewern 0409 171 155
Rudder boxes Philip Pearce ppearce@adelaide.on.net
Goodall sails Greg Goodall 03 5443 6910
Irwin sails Lindsay irwin 03 9555 7328
Mosquito hardware AHPC 03 5443 6910