Tip for Spinnaker sailor’s, put Tell-tales on your Spinnaker. I can’t claim this as an original idea, I tried it after Greg Goodall told the kids at the youth Catamaran coaching clinic to do it.

After using the Tell-tales for years now, I think they are essential, after all, how many of you sail without Tell-tales on your mainsail, why should your Spinnaker be different?

You don’t need heaps of Tell-tales, I’ve found on my Irwin spinnakers they stay on in 2 positions. The higher set are placed on the second panel in from the luff, at the same height as the middle return patch. The lower set are on the 3rd panel in from the luff, 1m down from the horizontal seam above.

Gary Maskiell

Higher Tell-tale

Lower Tell-tale