The purpose of adding a spinnaker to the Mosquito was to get the biggest increase in round-the-course speed possible with the least amount of changes to the existing boat and rig.
The spinnaker rig turns the slowest part of the course into the fastest part and the end result is that the Mosquito is exciting to sail in any direction, no matter what the wind-strength!

Since the spinnaker was introduced to the Australian Mosquitos in 2001 the number of Mozzies flying the extra sail has been steadily increasing, and they have been seen in action at many venues in VIC, NSW, TAS and QLD.

These pages have been set up to encourage this development and provide all the necessary information people will need to get their Spinnaker Mosquito rigged and sailing.

You can find rigging instructions and spinnaker handling tips by following these links:

Spinnaker Rigging

Spinnaker Sailing/Handling

If you have any questions about the Mosquito spinnaker rig, send them to Tim Shepperd at tshepperd@gmail.com